Enrich your life-By A Read a day

Prashant Bhatt's notes

Sahil Bhatt-Sleeping with his books.Dec 2004. When he was 4 years old. Getting them into the reading habit..from a young age

Reading clubs and discussion forums move on.


We have an informal reading club in Tripoli. This is an interesting exercise which one can undertake with a little effort, enriches life tremendously but does not require too much money. A dinner in a modest restaurant costs more than the cost of some enriching books which are a treasure over the years.


End of the year,2008, reading group discussions-the year which saw the death of some noted playwrights-Vijay Tendulkar of India and Harold Pinter of Britain.


Some friends came over for dinner. A quiet Christmas day get together. An Egyptian friend with whom I discussed some works of the writer Naguib Mahfouz.

Fellow workers in the Global Work space.


Doing sketch studies and collages of the different characters and situations brought alive by these great writers is an uplifting exercise.


Ek Palde par Paurush, Ek Palde Par…

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