Lost Generation

Prashant Bhatt's notes

That is what you are. That’s what you all are …
all of you young people who served in the war.
You are a lost generation.”

Gertrude Stein telling Ernest Hemingway

“Is tomorrow a holiday,” one of my staff asked.
“Why” another countered.
It is Sabatash February.


One of my engineer Libyan friends is worthy of respect.

Middle aged, highly educated from many universities, but having the humility
to accept that he has not got all the answers.

“ I will study and let you know,” is his answer to many queries.

When I first heard him give this answer, it was a welcome change to some local friends who confidently say-

“I know everything.”

Only the fool knows everything, I think in my mind, but do not bother to correct these –I know everything – types.

Recently I sat with him, and thought about the coming anniversary.

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