I robbed your grave

I robbed your grave. I revealed you. I showed you in shameful moments. I learned  things about you. Everything I learned made me love you more dearly James Ellroy- My Dark Places On Mother’s day, we went through the works of James Ellroy, the research the author did to discover the murderer of his mother, when he was a boy of ten. The work reveals many aspects of society in that period of the 50s in California area. He also has a renewal of his relation with the mother’s side of his family and goes down his family tree. One interesting aspect is the relation Ellroy develops with Bill Stoner (his ghosts were all women) , the 53 year old Homicide detetective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, married with 28 year twin sons. Describing different types of police work, Stoner reveals social skills, temperament and how detective work differs from patrol work. Detectivel work was sedately paced in comparison with patrol work which was a breathless sprint with no finish line.

DISCUSSION The writer Edmund White-in his biography of Jean Genet, writes about social realities of this great French novelist, who spent the later half of his life in support of extreme left causes-ranging from Black Panther movement and Palestine. Like James Ellroy, Genet did not have a regular family, was abandoned by his mother at seven months of age, grew up in a foster home till age 13. He was a child of the Public Welfare system of France which he grew to hate. Edmund White- in describing the evolution of Genet’s thought writes “Genet conceived of conflict as theatrical. In a sense, he could never afford the luxury of inner strife or philosophical doubt. For him there was a single reality, the world of power relations of society, and it oppressed him. His first taks was to learn how to manipuatle this reality through guile or charm or even sometimes intimidation- in short through playacting. Social reality may have been all-important and oppressive, but is wasn’t transparent. People were by no means easy to figure out for the very young Genet, nor was the stuff that made them up simple or stury. He learnd about people’s behavior through conflict, and discovered his own nature (or had it assigned to him) through transgression and discovery. * * * ELLROY collaborates with the detective Stoner.. “It was March 94. Jean Ellroy was 35 years and 9 months dead. I was 46 years old” * * * The case is still unsolved But in following her trail, the once 10 year son, who returned from a weekend with his father to find his mother gone physically forever, rediscovered her in many ways http://www.amazon.com/My-Dark-Places-James-Ellroy/dp/0679762051


Ellroy is a charismatic public speaker and rarely turns down an invitation. That week he had two engagements. He exhorted a class of aspiring screenwriters to quit smoking, get rid of their tattoos and piercings, and always address their elders as Mr. or Mrs. “Do this, and people will say to themselves, This kid knows his shit and understands that there is a social contract.” At the LA Police Academy in Griffith Park, he emceed a ceremony in which academic scholarships were awarded to children of police officers. On the way out he tried to buy a Depression-era shotgun from a display case in the LAPD weapons supply store, but was politely informed by a clerk that it was not for sale.



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