Personalized gifts..about God

dc 1

Over discussions , we went through some of the characters used by Deepak Chopra to illustrate that “God” is a process, not a person. This book was given to our Reading group by a senior member of our community-Dr.Gaur, an anatomy teacher. Apart from the English teachers, the medical teachers have been another group who have enriched our understanding of the diaspora experience in Libya. The other groups which  come to mind are diplomatic community, faith based groups and business communities. Each bring their unique ways of looking at things.

A personal gift

Some readers like to jot down points  while reading. When other readers read after few or many years, these points make the book a unique personalized item. So, as we sat in Tripoli –May 2015, we re-read the first lines

Presented by Namit

A day prior to CABG-11-11-2002

At 452 Escort Heart Institute of Medical Research, New Delhi

Very thoughtful of him

Over sections we saw how in one word the reader Dr.Gaur has illustrated the parallels of different spiritual traditions.

MIRA…he writes as Deepak Chopra writes about Dame Julian of Norwich who lived in England in 14th century. Dame Julian asked God directly why he had created theworld. The answer came back to her in ecstatic whispers

You want to know your lord’s meanings in what I have done?

Know it well, love was his meaning. Who reveals it to you? Love

What did he reveal to you? Love. Why does he reveal it to you?

For Love

GHALIB..he writes in front of the lines

“where the universe was a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand
Characters used to illustrate.

Deepak Chopra uses many characters and also his own personal experiences to illustrate how one can go through the different processes associated with “God”.

The seven stages he talks about are

LEVEL 1- Fight or Flight

You fulfill your life through family, community, a sense of belonging , and material comforts

LEVEL 2-Reactive response

You fulfill your life through success, power, influence, status and other ego satisfactions

LEVEL 3- Restful Awareness Response

You fulfill your life through peace, centeredness, self-acceptance, and inner silence

LEVEL 4- Intuitive response

You fulfill your life through insight, empathy, tolerance, and forgiveness

LEVEL 5- Creative response

You fulfill your life through inspiration, expanded creatively, in art or science, and unlimited discovery

LEVEL 6- Visionary response

You fulfill your life through reverence, compassion, devoted service, and universal love

LEVEL 7- Sacred response

You fulfill your life through wholeness and unity with the divine

As we discussed the nuances through different characters, these illustrations are the highlight of the book , be it DC’s personal examples of how he dealt with an intruder and 3 muggers in different ways, the seeds of the Book –through the example of the “Colonel”- the POW Dr.Sengupta who was captured and left for dead by Japanese, walked back to Bengal to be persecuted but underwent a transformation and became a healer.

The example of Vishnu’s request to a devotee-seeker- Get me a glass of water, are a good illustration on the temporariness of things. DC has illustrated these from Christian, Sufi Islam, Buddhist, Hindu Vedanta traditions in a lucid manner.

A good place to start, if one has been going through the usual debates, discussions about the nature and presence of Divinity.


A detailed look at some great mystics, ranging from Socrates, Paul, Shankara to Tagore will open

many doors for those seeking more indepth knowledge

dc 2


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