SUMMARY- A middle aged lady finds a lover in Cairo. Her husband , a busy UN official does not have time for their relation. She meets an ex-colleague of her husband who takes her to the pyramids, walks with her along the Nile.Both middle aged persons from different worlds-re examine their relations and past in the light of this new love which they find in each other.

SETTING-21ST Century Cairo. Two lonely souls meet and rediscover meanings in life


Juliette-   the wife of a UN official at Gaza, finds herself alone in Cairo, and though initially reluctant to move along with her local guide, starts liking the place , the rhythm of life here. It also helps her break away from the routine life she has had with her busy UN official husband

Tareq-  has had an unrequited affair in his youth.  He is moving along in life, playing cards with bored friends-some of them married who run away from their unhappy marriages, some of them youngsters who have not started a married family life.

Julliette and Tareq start going to different parts of Cairo together. They have a mutual attraction. Both tell about their lives and situations.

Her husband returns , and she goes back to her life with him.

Tareq returns to his original life

Both will cherish the times they had together.

RESOLUTION- In this relation, there were no other characters who would push them to re-examine their relations , take a firm stand. Hence, after a brief emotional affair, which sometimes is on the verge of being a physical relation-but never reaches that level, they both go back to their original lives.


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