Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights 1

The beginning of this serial tells of the  common thread in immigrant lives in New York is MAJBOORI…

which roughly translates as HELPLESSNESS (in English) or LACHAARI (In Hindi)

READING JOURNAL..Using Tool of arc of development of character and pivotal relations which move the plot forward we discussed one of the main relations- between Imran Bhatti and Salma


A middle aged Pakistani immigrant woman finds love outside her unhappy abusive marriage.

SETTING-New York-21st century. Immigrant lives from Subcontinent- A Pakistani family


SALMA- is the second wife of an abusive ex-convict jealous husband. She cares dearly for her daughter, who is actually born of the first marriage of her husband, whose first wife died early.

SIKANDER- The ex-convict husband physically and emotionally abuses Salma while she works in a beauty parlor to support the family.

IMRAN BHATI- A taxi driver, locked in an unhappy marriage with a White US Citizen, whom he has married for Visa purposes. He starts meeting Salma, over coffee.

EVOLUTION Over a period of time, they start liking each other even more. “I have started having a habit of meeting you” Imran tells.

TWO PIVOTAL RELATIONS WHICH MOVE THE PLOT FORWARD- are Salma and Alia (her beauty parlor colleague) and Salma and Cathy (The ex-wife of Imran)

ALIA- The beauty parlor colleague of Salma-Alia- is an emotional support to her, and teases Salma towards re-examining her own life-

Salma- to Alia- You know the other day, I was in the park with Imran , and my husband Sikander came there, thank god he did not see us.

Alia- So what if he met Imran. As though you are having an affair with him. Or are you?

Salma- You know Sikander, how jealous and suspicious he is

SALMA- CATHY (Imran’s abusive ex-wife)

This relation, moves Salma to take a decisive stand, just as Alia (Salma’s colleague in beauty parlor) pushes her to re-examine her stagnant situations and abusive relations

Cathy rings up Salma when she comes to know that Salma did not go with Imran to Pakistan

Cathy- I do not know what is happening in your life, why you did not go with him. But remember one thing-Men like Imran do not come in your life every day

There were lot of problems in our marriage, but till he met you, he never had the courage or will to leave. I once wanted to kill you, but not any more.

He did a lot for me and my children. He did not even take his share of the house.

RESOLUTION-OF CONFLICTS- Both Imran Bhati and Salma manage to break out of their abusive unhappy marriages and find love and respect.

Imran leaves his abusive American wife, gives her his share of the house.

Salma –with even greater conflicts- manages to tear away from the bonds of her abusive husband, who uses lot of emotional blackmail. Salma is also torn by her love for her teenage daughter (who is actually not her biological daughter, but she has raised her like her own)


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