Season of Migration

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As I packed my novels, books, notes, my friend Meftah told me of Season of Migration to the North.

Meftah has helped me know many aspects of Arab, Libyan culture


Tripoli readings- June 11 2016
WELCOME TO JRABA…Many lovely hours spent using framework of Literary works to review our situations..R to L- Hasen Bujari, Elhamali Bribash, Moftah Hadid, Prashant Bhatt..Tripoli Readings

Summary of works

Mawsim al hijra ila al shimal (Season of Migration to the North, 1966)

It tells the story of a man who returns to his village after years of study abroad, only to discover that another man, Mustapha Sa’eed, has taken his place. A strange, elliptical work, Season of Migration to the North reads like a series of theatrical monologues which map out the distance between the rural countryside of northern Sudan and cosmopolitan London of the 1920s. Colonial and sexual conquests compete across the east-west divide in one of the most remarkable encounters of its kind. In a form of revenge for the colonial “taking” of his country, Sa’eed devotes himself to seducing English women by posing as the fulfilment of their Orientalist fantasies.

A Handful of Dates, a young boy comes to realise that the idyllic world he lives in is ruled by tensions of which he is unaware. For the first time, he sees that life is full of choices and is obliged to face the fact that his beloved grandfather is not so innocent. It is this depiction of complicity and disgust that conscience can evoke that makes Salih a writer of truly universal proportions, and one whose work will continue to resonate through coming generations.(source-1)

Reading Journal

In Ramadan, we will summarize , discuss some works of Arab writers

In past we saw some Woman characters in Libyan fiction

Woman characters in Libyan Fiction


External links-Suggested further readings.



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