The value of just one soul is greater than any single thing upon this earth. For there can be nothing greater than raising a child in preparation for that journey back to where he came from, a place where his immortal father lives, a place known as heaven, a place called home.

Richard Pelzer-in A Brother’s journey.

Surviving a childhood of Abuse

In A Child called “It,” Dave Pelzer described the terrible treatment he received at the hands of his mother and his brother Richard. Fortunately for Dave, he was removed from the Pelzer household by the time he was twelve years old.

But his mother needed a new scapegoat for her alcohol-fuelled wrath. Soon it was Richard who received nocturnal beating, had Tabasco sauce poured down his throat, and was kicked and slapped to the point of needing hospitalization. Yet, he survived. A BROTHER’S JOURNEY is the story of how one little boy found the courage to withstand years of physical abuse- and how the human spirit can triumph over even the most severe circumstances.


The book chronicles the many abuses, revealing the dynamics of s deeply dysfunctional family and the unholy alliances that often develop.

From a Reading journal perspective, the boy as he becomes a teenager, develops his identity and thinking power, tries to figure his parents out.

Page 167- in which he realizes that his mother was unhappy about being a parent., the time it took away from her,with Dad out of the house, she had no outlet for her twisted emotions.

Page 219-When Richard remembers his Dad-who passed away-and how the separation from loved ones the missing out on life’s events must have hurt him deeply.


1-Page-152-154– Perhaps Gram knew more about her daughter’s mental state than she let on

-Discuss the dynamics of the mother –grandmother in relation to the children

2-Discuss how relations with persons like Ben ( Early the next morning Ben called to check on me. It was nice knowing that people understood the situation and were concerned about me-Page 230) and Josh and family helped Richard. Compare it with the way the school institutions-junior grammar school and middle school handled this case.

DISCUSSION..Do you know of any cases of abuse which were covered by authorities or relatives?







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