Grief is a Journey-Readings-Burlington Heights

We are such stuff

As dreams are made on

And our little life

Is rounded with a sleep

—says Shakespeare’s great magician Prospero. Our experience

Of the world is limited by time and place, and even the most resolute

A traveller can only superficially come to know the complex blends

Of cultures that make up our world.

As the weather became a bit better, I started going out for walks in the Dundurn area-doing some readings-reflections and also going through some markers of the historic battles of 1812-15 which mark an important chapter in the North American history and the formation-idea of Canada.


I have been going through an interesting book – Grief is A journey – in which the author Dr.Kenneth Doka writes that one loses something – a loved one, a change in relation, a change of Job or a Social support system – one has to RELEARN THE WORLD.

Grief is a journey

In that, there are some interesting questions which can help shape perspective and get to grips with different contexts


1- What do I need to leave behind from my old life?


2- What do I need to take with me?


3- What do I need to add?


4- What did I learn in this process?


5- How does my faith and philosophy speak to me on this process ?


WALKS IN DUNDURN AREA- with John Barry’s compositions for “Out of Africa” in the background and the multiple facets of life which are addressed in the readings of  “Grief is a journey” which maps out many interesting dynamics through different case examples



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