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Grief is a Journey-Readings-Burlington Heights

We are such stuff

As dreams are made on

And our little life

Is rounded with a sleep

—says Shakespeare’s great magician Prospero. Our experience

Of the world is limited by time and place, and even the most resolute

A traveller can only superficially come to know the complex blends

Of cultures that make up our world.

As the weather became a bit better, I started going out for walks in the Dundurn area-doing some readings-reflections and also going through some markers of the historic battles of 1812-15 which mark an important chapter in the North American history and the formation-idea of Canada.


I have been going through an interesting book – Grief is A journey – in which the author Dr.Kenneth Doka writes that one loses something – a loved one, a change in relation, a change of Job or a Social support system – one has to RELEARN THE WORLD.

Grief is a journey

In that, there are some interesting questions which can help shape perspective and get to grips with different contexts


1- What do I need to leave behind from my old life?


2- What do I need to take with me?


3- What do I need to add?


4- What did I learn in this process?


5- How does my faith and philosophy speak to me on this process ?


WALKS IN DUNDURN AREA- with John Barry’s compositions for “Out of Africa” in the background and the multiple facets of life which are addressed in the readings of  “Grief is a journey” which maps out many interesting dynamics through different case examples



Sharing with Stakeholders


If we want your opinion, we will give it to you….(How many Top down managers talk down at their workers)

Bali 3 015
Reading of the ways we have enhanced our “Reading Experiences” has been to go to different places and read there.

Balance isn’t either/or; it’s and.

Stephen Covey,First things First



“What is the purpose of this organization?”

Stephen Covey, in his book ‘First things First” talks about the embarrassment, surprise of the top executives of many organizations in which he did a survey and asked – the purpose of the organization to different persons in the work place, working group, a board of directors, board of trustees, or even a family. The varied answers showed that there was no shared vision, no deep burning ‘yes’ and this led to dysfunctional misalignment.

Over the years, we have had a Reading Group, in which we see a work of art, literature, management, biography and use it as a Framework guide for our discussion. We come together and see the particular circumstances in which the work was written, and how this can be read into our particular circumstances.

The Stakeholders

Who are the stakeholders in an organization?

We read –Tuesdays with Morrie, the classic of Mitch Albom and use it as a framework to answer the question of who should be the stakeholders to be kept in mind, when thinking about an organization or group.

20 years since Morrie Schwartz passed away, this book continues to inspire and guide many.

We read this book with different sets of people, a group of primary school students, a veteran in nursing sector in Tripoli-Libya, and a group of medical consultants –expatriate foreign workers in Tripoli.

Using “Tuesdays with Morrie” the sociology professor who was interviewed by his student, in his last days, we tried to answer the question- who are the stake holders in an organization?


In the book, Morrie talks about an exercise he did in his sociology class. The students were supposed to fall backwards and let their partner –one class mate, check the fall. Many students felt a bit uncomfortable and were not able to fall backwards freely, as they could not trust their partner totally, to check the fall. One girl closed her eyes and was able to fall freely backwards. Her fall was checked in the last moment by her partner. Why was she able to fall back freely? The answer was probably in being able to close her eyes. The other students tried to fall back with their eyes open, making it difficult for them to totally trust that their fall will be checked.

Some questions from Morrie

1-Have you found someone to share your heart with?

2-Are you giving to your community?

3-Are you at peace with yourself?

4-Are you trying to be as human as you can be?

End note

This week, we will re-read “Tuesdays with Morrie” again, and help talk about some Life Lessons, what we can give to the community and how.
Reading Group Tasks

  • Try to see any one organization of which you are part of and write down who you think are the stakeholders in it

For example- In a family, the present immediate family, past generation, extended family, friends and future generations were listed as stake holders who have to kept in mind when drawing any perspective.

  • Answer in True or False


2-1 – The Reading Group, sees a work of art, literature, management, biography and uses it as a Framework guide for discussion.

2-2- Morrie Schartz was a History Teacher

2-3- In the exercise of ‘falling backwards freely’ the girl who kept her eyes open was able to fall back without hesitation