Grief is a Journey-Readings-Burlington Heights

We are such stuff

As dreams are made on

And our little life

Is rounded with a sleep

—says Shakespeare’s great magician Prospero. Our experience

Of the world is limited by time and place, and even the most resolute

A traveller can only superficially come to know the complex blends

Of cultures that make up our world.

As the weather became a bit better, I started going out for walks in the Dundurn area-doing some readings-reflections and also going through some markers of the historic battles of 1812-15 which mark an important chapter in the North American history and the formation-idea of Canada.


I have been going through an interesting book – Grief is A journey – in which the author Dr.Kenneth Doka writes that one loses something – a loved one, a change in relation, a change of Job or a Social support system – one has to RELEARN THE WORLD.

Grief is a journey

In that, there are some interesting questions which can help shape perspective and get to grips with different contexts


1- What do I need to leave behind from my old life?


2- What do I need to take with me?


3- What do I need to add?


4- What did I learn in this process?


5- How does my faith and philosophy speak to me on this process ?


WALKS IN DUNDURN AREA- with John Barry’s compositions for “Out of Africa” in the background and the multiple facets of life which are addressed in the readings of  “Grief is a journey” which maps out many interesting dynamics through different case examples



Missing Chapters

In his book-Thinking for a change-John Maxwell writes about the way a designated place to think attracts good thoughts.

My father first took me to museums – a habit which I have tried to pass on to my children and other family juniors with whom I have spent many lovely hours exploring the refined objects of world cultures.

For many years, I have walked in the galleries of ROM-Royal Ontario Museum, seen their permanent galleries and special exhibitions, and intentionally used these galleries as “thinking places”. Last month, we visited ROM to view the special exhibitions

Contemporary Black Artists

Christian Dior

Wild Life Photographer of the Year

Missing Chapters was a thought provoking section of the Family Camera Network project of ROM.

The Missing chapters done in collaboration between AGM –Art Gallery of Mississauga and ROM- gave insights into an aspect of family life-of persons whose photographs are not present for some reasons.

The Boat people of Vietnam section of this exhibition made me recall the many immigrant stories who  tried to cross over the Mediterranean. On the occasion of Feb 17, revolution of Libya, we went through some of the past notes on this topic.

Application questions-

Which Missing Chapters did you remember, while recalling those days of the 2011 revolution?

How would these chapters have been re-written- if 2014 had not happened?


A Reading Journal