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Prashant Bhatt's notes

As part of our reading group, for the past week, we have had some interesting

discussions and readings on the theme of “Burnout”

Issues  of burnout in medical professionals-Doctors, paramedics, nurses,

managers in health set-ups came out.

Key features of Burnout

There is a difference between Burnout and middle-age crises, depression

though there may be overlap.(many smiles..)

An interesting article on this theme which will be discussed further in

our group -BMC Medicine 2004, 2:29 doi:10.1186/1741-7015-2-29-

lists the following components

Emotional exhaustion: Reduced energy and job enthusiasm;

emotional and cognitive distancing from the job.

Depersonalisation: Cynicism; lack of engagement and distancing from patients;

treatment of patients as inanimate, unfeeling objects.

Personal accomplishment: A sense of efficacy and effectiveness; of involvement,

commitment and engagement; of capacity to innovate, change and improve.

The different components of a health care system

While the obvious focus can be on doctors, as is the target…

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On our Independence Day-2013-Part 2

Prashant Bhatt's notes

On August 22,1975, Rustom Sohrab Nagarwalla, ex Army officer twice phoned the State Bank of India, imitating voice of PM Indira Gandhi and her official aide P N Haksar, asking for 6 million rupees for Bangladesh. He was arrested a few hours after collecting the money, tried and convicted, died of a heart attack while awaiting re-trial. The police officer investigating the case died in a car accident. The bank manager was dismissed and became a Congress worker (Far Eastern Economic Review -researched by Michael Henderson in his book- Experiments with Untruth-India Under Emergency.Columbia,Missouri,South Asia Books 1977). This case was used as a plot in Rohinton Mistry’s novel-“Such a Long Journey.” Jimmy Bilimoria the fictional RAW officer was based on the bizarre but true story of Nagarwalla.


“Research and Analysis wing.I did not know our Jimmy was also a scientist”
The character Dilnavaz naively…

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