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   Part-3 of- On our Independence Day.

Each generation must discover its mission,
  fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity
                                    Frantz Fanon,
                                 The Wretched of the Earth

What does Indian independence mean for millions of diaspora?

Around 9 million diaspora from the subcontinent were living all over the globe at the end of 20th century, according to historian Judith Brown. Edward Said spoke of how Orientalism failed to identify with human experiences, failed to see it as human experience and in opposition to this, narrative asserts the power to be born, develop and die. Barbara Gardner writes of how Indians cover the globe, and with their physical move from the homeland, the life-stories…

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On our Independence day-2014-Notes from a Reading journal

Prashant Bhatt's notes

Ind Day-India-2014-3

Source-Wall Magazine-Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi-April 2014

It is He in the sun who is ageless and deathless

And into the midnight His shadow is thrown

When darkness was blind and engulfs within darkness

He was seated within it immense and alone


The Indian independence day-August 15 , is also the birthday of one of India’s great modern saints-Sri Aurobindo.

The Philosophical review-Arya-was first published on this day , a hundred years ago.

On this unique anniversary- I see some notes of my “Reading Journal”.

As our reading group has dwindled into a “reading journal” with many choosing to flee the conflict in Tripoli and those remaining not in much a mood to discuss the niceties of Indian literature, I remember the many discussions we had last year-2013-in the framework of Indian literature. In Five sessions we had discussed some nuances.

One session started with Edward Said’s “Orientalism” in which…

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A Reading Journal